3 Tips to Fix the Slow Drain Toronto

October 31, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

Slow drains or clogged drains are such a pain in the neck for every individual. You can’t bathe properly, brush properly or wash properly if the drain is slow. Majority of the time gets wasted in waiting for the water to drain out. This thing can be very annoying if not taken care and fixed in the mean time.

Slow drain is a problem which can be solved on your own, if it is at small stage. But if neglected for a long time, it becomes difficult to handle it without a plumber. So before the situation worsens, licensed plumbers Toronto has come up with some DIY hacks to fix the slow drain on your own without spending dollars on plumbers.

  1. Use a coat hanger: A hooked coat hanger is the best tool that can be used to clean the drain if you feel like the clog is near the end. The best part is coat hanger is easily available at any time of the day and can be used as and when required. All you have to do is bend one end into the shape of hook and insert it in the drain and find the clog to fix it. 
  1. Plunge the drain: All you need is a little push, someone said. Similar is in the case of the plunge. Use a plunger and try to fix the drain. 
  1. Dissolve the clog: If can’t fix it, then dissolve it. Use baking soda and some vinegar and the clog will dissolve as a result of the chemical reaction. To make sure it happens, pour some boiled water after 15 minutes and it’s done.

Try dealing with the drain with these hacks and if something goes wrong, Toronto Plumbing Group has your back.

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