3 Simple steps to bring in a pulsating charisma to your home

August 9, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Interior Design and Decorating

Though you buy a home with the best construction, interiors with well-thought-out layouts and landscapes, there comes a thought where something is not right. A house without a personality and character never makes a beautiful home. Changing a few options in the design of your layout and decor can make a huge difference. But even after making a few changes can your home still lack the vibrancy and charisma that a comfy home should have. A truly custom home should be a completely mixed package of functionality, elegance, character and moreover practical. Here are a few ways to bring in the pulsating charisma to your new home.

Try few ceiling treatments

The most common thing you’d fail to notice is that most ceilings in all the homes are simply painted with plain colour and looks boring as well. This occurs when most of the focus in designing your home lies in other areas and sections of the house. Be it an apartment or a spaciously luxurious villa, adding character to the ceilings can really liven up the space to more vivacious and custom-like. Try adding more texture and features in the lighting areas to bring attention that draws the eye up than simply focusing on the walls and mirrors.

Add detailed and feature lighting

Most people think lower-level lighting can brighten up the spaces like kitchen and living rooms. Though it is true, it won’t do much for an appealing look. In this case, people try to DIY the renovations; there isn’t much of a use in doing so! You can illuminate some parts of your house by adding feature lighting which brings warmth to the space you prefer. For example, a table lamp near an indoor plant can brighten the room with just not the light, but colour. It is not compulsory to change out all the fixtures, instead try swapping the lights and fix it to the right corners of the room where it is more essential.

Paint your moulding

While moulding can add detailing to the boring walls, sometimes plain moulding isn’t the answer for a lively home. For a completely characteristic look, paint the moulding to add depth. For instance, black moulding creates a contemporary look with contrast. Meanwhile, a light brown coloured one looks serene and calm. But, most people prefer white which looks bright and always is a better choice to add more character to the room. In case you are not satisfied with the new construction of your Luxury villas in OMR, then try some more than just these three magical options with a little creativity added to it. You can do some small fixes here and there to create an interesting look rather staying generic among the community. Lastly, your own way of personal touch to your property is what makes a home!


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